April 2021
Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario Strategic Priorities 2021-2025 Report

2021-04-22 6:08:44 PM

The Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) has released a final report announcing its strategic priorities for 2021-2025. AMCTO participated in the IPC’s consultation on these priorities by providing a submission in January 2021.  

Our submission was focussed on three of the potential six strategic priorities: Government Digital Service Delivery, Transparency and Open Government, and Responsible Use of Data for Good. We are pleased to see some of our comments made their way into the report! 

Based on the consultation, the IPC has decided to merge the priorities of Government Digital Service Delivery and Transparency and Open Government into a new priority: Privacy and Transparency in a Modern Government.  

In the next few months, the IPC will be developing implementation plans that will include short- and long-term action plans for operationalizing each priority, as well as criteria for measuring and evaluating their progress. 

We look forward to continuing to work with the IPC to support our members. 

The report comes ahead of our Information, Access and Privacy Forum on May 20th where Commissioner Kosseim will be joining us to provide more details on the strategic priorities. Register today! 


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