April 2017
Advocacy Update: AMCTO discusses Municipal Reporting with the Secretary of the Cabinet

2017-04-25 12:12:02 PM


On April 19th, AMCTO staff were invited to meet the Secretary of the Cabinet, Steve Orsini to discuss our research into municipal reporting to the Province.  Laurie LeBlanc, the Deputy Minister for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs attended and participated in discussions on the Bearing the Burden report.

In the meeting, AMCTO was praised for its research and for adding clarity around the reporting burden faced by Ontario’s municipalities. While various aspects of the report were discussed, it was agreed  in the end that a more narrowly tailored approach to this macro problem would represent the most effective way forward.

Secretary Orsini suggested that the government (via Ministry of Municipal Affairs) work on tangible next steps with AMCTO (and other experts) on a means to address the reporting burden. As more details become available, AMCTO staff will provide a further update.

In addition, on April 21st, AMCTO staff member Rick Johal presented findings from the research report at a special meeting of the Regional & Single Tier CAOs who were also joined by the LUMCO CAOs group. The report and research was again, very positively received, and in fact, advanced some past efforts of this group.

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