April 2016
Government Proposes Ban on Corporate and Union Donations

2016-04-12 1:24:54 PM


After weeks of controversy surrounding political fundraising at the provincial level, the government of Ontario is proposing new rules that would completely ban corporate and union donations, starting in 2017. Specific provisions of the government's legislation include:

  • Rules for third-party ad spending during elections periods, as well as anti-collusion measures and penalties
  • A ban on corporate and union-donations, staring in 2017
  • A reduction in the limit for individual donations
  • Changes to by-election donation rules to ensure that fundraising is within the by-election spending limit
  • Constraints on loan guarantees to parties and candidates (including leadership candidates)
  • Overall reduction in spending limits by central parties during election periods, and the introduction of a spending limit between elections
  • The introduction of spending limits and donation rules during leadership and nomination campaigns
The bill will likely be introduced in May.


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