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Local Government Priorities for the 2022 Provincial Election

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 Local Government Priorities for the 2022 Provincial Election

As a vital municipal association with membership roots that reach deep into every part of Ontario, we know the challenges facing communities. For the first time ever, we have developed a provincial election priorities document that communicates the unique positions of our members and other municipal professionals. The document provides recommendations on behalf of our members for the next Provincial government.

 Local Government Priorities Toolkit

We encourage members and municipal professionals to use this toolkit to help advocate for the recommended changes within our Local Government Priorities document. Members are encouraged to share these resources with fellow municipal staff and local 2022 provincial candidates in their respective communities. Help us spread the word to advance the municipal profession and to strengthen our municipal-provincial partnerships.

 2022 Ontario Party Platforms

Our analysis and overview of each Provincial Party platform. Find out how our #LocalGovPriorities line up with Provincial Party commitments and what to expect from the next elected Government. Each note includes commitments made up until May 17th, 2022. These briefing notes have also been added to our Local Government Priorities toolkit.