Reports & Positions

Capacity Building

As the current generation of senior municipal staff prepares to retire, some municipalities in Ontario are staring down a deficit of critical human infrastructure. When these experienced municipal professionals leave, they will take significant accumulated knowledge, expertise and experience with them. While this provides exciting opportunities for new professionals and new ideas to enter the sector, it also presents those same individuals with a steep learning curve. While each municipality bears ultimate responsibility for its own succession planning, we believe that this is an area where modest investments from the province could go a long way.  


 2015 Municipal Staff Retirement Data

In late 2015 AMCTO conducted an extensive survey of its members. One of the key takeaways from that survey was that 50% of AMCTO's members plans to retire within the next 10 years (30% within the next 5).

 Policy Brief: What Do CAOs Really Do?

In this policy brief, current and aspiring CAOs can get a glimpse into the skills they will need to develop to navigate this important role. Mayors and councillors can also obtain an understanding of what they should expect from their primary employee.

 Municipal Management Internship Program Review

This program evaluation provides an overview of the lessons-learned from 7 years of managing the Municipal Management Internship Program (MMIP). Key findings examine the programs affect on municipal capacity building, program reach, and the overall success of the program.