Reports & Positions

Municipal Legislation & Governance

Local governments are generally well managed, and well liked by their citizens, compared to other levels of government. AMCTO works actively with the Government of Ontario to ensure that municipal public servants have the tools they need to operate in an efficient, effective manner, while offering high quality services to their citizens.  


 Submission on Strengthening Municipal Codes of Conduct consultation

Protecting the health, safety and well-being of municipal staff, elected officials and the public is paramount. The Province must provide guidance to support municipal staff on any new accountability mechanisms. This submission also addresses considerations for strengthening accountability and transparency on the topics of council-staff relations, operational and administrative burden, and improving standards for integrity commissioners.

 Bill 68 Implementation Schedule

This table provides on overview of some new municipal responsibilities following the passage of Bill 68, the Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Act (MOMLA). It is not a complete or exhaustive list, but meant to provide public servants and AMCTO members with an overview of some of the most important changes that will affect their municipalities.

 Conference Presentation: AMCTO Perspective on Bill 68

This presentation provides an overview of AMCTO's perspective on Bill 68, including what we think the bill got right our concerns with this legislation and what municipalities need to start thinking about as the sector moves into the implementation phase.

 AMCTO Bill 68 Submission

In November of 2016 the government tabled Bill 68, the Modernizing Ontario’s Municipal Legislation Act, which introduced a series of reforms to the Municipal Act. This submission outlines two broad areas of concern that we have with the bill and presents five concrete recommendations that will believe will strengthen it.

 AMCTO Submission on the Municipal Act & Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

This submission contains recommendations across the themes of modernization and clarity. They are designed is to ensure that the Municipal Act and Municipal Conflict of Interest Act enable local governments to operate in an efficient, effective manner while offering high quality services to their citizens

 Policy Brief: Continuously Improving Municipalities to Achieve Strategic Success

A strategic plan is not static, but should be a guiding document which sets out the vision and priorities of the municipality. This brief presents an alternative view of municipal strategic planning in an attempt to assist municipal decision makers understand why a strategic plan is important to daily service delivery.