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Government Deferring Provincial Land Tax Payments for 90 Days
2020-04-06 2:46:12 PM

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ontario government is deferring $15 million in property taxes for people and businesses in certain parts of Northern Ontario that are outside municipal boundaries. This would allow taxpayers in unincorporated areas an extra 90 days to pay the...

OMERS 2020 Plan Review Update
2020-03-27 11:30:04 AM

Amid COVID-19, the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) is continuing with its 2020 plan review process. Based on the latest review, there are two plan changes currently being considered: Remove the current eligibility rules so that non full time emp...

Ontario Releases 2020 Fiscal Update
2020-03-25 7:27:32 PM

This afternoon, Finance Minister Rod Phillips released the provincial government’s 2020 fiscal update, Ontario’s Action Plan 2020: Responding to COVID-19. The fiscal update totals $17 billion that will go to support the healthcare system, the economy, and Ontarians amid th...

Federal Government Announces $82 Billion Economic Package
2020-03-18 3:27:17 PM

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a $82 billion economic package to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the Canadian economy and people. The package represents more than 3% of Canada’s GDP and said the spending will not drive the country into reces...

Ontario Budget to be Postponed
2020-03-16 12:03:32 PM

In light of the global COVID-19 outbreak, Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips today announced that the provincial budget, which was slated to be released on March 25th ,  will be postponed. An economic and fiscal outlook for 2020 will instead be released and be based on cur...

Funding from Ontario’s Gas Tax Program Announced
2020-03-12 3:38:37 PM

Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney has announced that 111 Ontario municipalities will receive $365.3 million to invest in local transit through the Gas Tax Program. The Gas Tax Program is a long-term source of transit funding for municipalities and is determined ...

Ontario Budget To Be Released on March 25
2020-03-04 9:57:45 AM

Minister of Finance Rod Phillips today announced the 2020 provincial budget will be released on Wednesday, March 25 th . Minister Phillips said the budget will continue to move in a direction that will balance the deficit by 2023-24. In January, AMCTO submitted its 2020...

Government Proposes Regulations Relating to Community Benefits Authority
2020-03-02 11:17:53 AM

Last week, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark announced consultations on the proposed regulations relating to the Community Benefits Authority. The proposals are made under the Planning Act, the Development Charges Act, and the Building Code Act. ...

PM Trudeau Meets with Big City Mayors’ Caucus
2020-02-06 2:08:09 PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland met with FCM’s (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) Big City Mayors’ Caucus yesterday in Ottawa to discuss municipal priorities ahead of the federal government’s 2020 budget. Mayors from 22 of Can...

Ontario Releases Third Quarter Fiscal Report
2020-01-30 10:45:19 PM

­­­­ The Ontario government has released its 2019-20 third quarter fiscal report, which is the first report since the 2019 Fall Economic Statement. The next provincial fiscal update will be the 2020 Ontario Budget, which will occur on or before March 31 st , 2020. Highl...

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