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Report Calls for Different Approach to Municipal Accounting
2015-11-19 3:35:12 PM

A new report, released yesterday by the C.D. Howe Institute, calls for municipalities in Canada to move towards full accrual accounting. According to the report, which is the third in a series that ranks municipal accounting practices in Canada, the current method for accounti...

New Paper on Municipal Credit and Borrowing
2015-09-17 3:36:18 PM

The Munk School's Institute for Municipal Finance and Governance has released a new paper, authored by Kyle Hanniman, which explores municipal credit and borrowing in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse. Specifically the paper seeks to understand why subnational government...

Province Proposing a Lower Credit-Rating Threshold for Municipal Investments
2015-09-08 5:35:04 PM

In response to a request by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, the province is proposing amendments to O. Reg. 438/97 , which regulates how municipalities are allowed to invest in bank debt. Currently local governments cannot hold investments which do not meet mini...

Premier Says Large Commercial Assessment Appeals a ‘Provincial Issue’
2015-08-27 3:10:09 PM

Speaking at an event in Thunder Bay this week the Premier acknowledged that property tax reassessments on large commercial properties is a serious issue. The Premier also said that it’s a problem the government recognizes isn’t confined to one area of the province, and are cur...

New IMFG Paper on Property Taxes
2015-08-24 5:10:43 PM

The Munk School’s Institute on Municipal Finance and Governance has released a new report, authored by Enid Slack and Richard Bird examining property taxes across the world. Read the paper here .

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