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Government Announces $200 Million for Small, Rural, and Northern Communities
2020-01-17 2:40:43 PM

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Minister of Infrastructure Laurie Scott today announced a $200 million investment into the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF) to 424 small, rural, and northern municipalities. The funding is for core road, bridge, water, wastewater and ...

2020 Pre-Budget Submission – AMCTO Calls for Internship Funding
2020-01-16 4:22:28 PM

AMCTO is pleased to release its 2020 Pre-Budget Submission. Our submission contains recommendations that will guide the provincial government in policy areas and strengthen Ontario’s local governments in an environment of change and uncertainty. We recommend the government...

Bill 132’s Proposed Line Fences Act Repeal Withdrawn
2019-12-16 9:43:38 AM

During consultations for Bill 132, Better for People, Smarter for Business Act , AMCTO submitted comments on the proposed repeal of the Line Fences Act . Following review by the Standing Committee on General Government, the Bill received Royal Assent without the proposed re...

FCM Releases Recommendations for Federal Government’s First 100 Days
2019-11-29 11:08:44 AM

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) have released a report, Building Ontario Together , with recommendations for the new federal government’s first 100 days. The recommendations involve federal-municipal engagement in 15 policy areas, including: Stren...

AMCTO Submits Comments on Proposed Repeal of the Line Fences Act in Bill 132
2019-11-29 10:10:06 AM

AMCTO has submitted comments to the Standing Committee on General Government on the proposed repeal of the Line Fences Act in Bill 132, Better for People, Smarter for Business Act. The repeal would take effect two years after the Bill receives Royal Assent. We have exp...

AMCTO Submits Comments on Proposed Building Code Amendments
2019-11-26 3:56:36 PM

AMCTO has submitted comments to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on the proposed amendments to Ontario’s Building Code Services. We have expressed concerns with the proposed creation of the administrative authority and its wider financial implications for Onta...

AMCTO Win: Voters’ List and Regional Governance Review
2019-10-25 2:18:13 PM

AMCTO is pleased that the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Steve Clark, addressed two of AMCTO’s policy priorities during his address at AMO’s Fall Policy Forum today:   Voters’ List Regional Governance Review 1)  Minister Clark annou...

AMCTO Supports AMO on Joint and Several Liability Reform
2019-10-03 3:16:46 PM

Earlier this year, Attorney General Doug Downey invited municipalities to comment on the existing joint and several liability system. In August, President Dean Sauriol discussed this issue with the Attorney General in a delegation at the annual AMO Conference, noting that l...

AMCTO Releases Third Edition of Issue at a Glance Series
2019-08-30 2:50:16 PM

In the context of the Attorney General recently opening consultations to reform the system, AMCTO has released a third edition of its briefing note series, Issue at a Glance , on Joint and Several Liability. The issues surrounding joint and several liability, its recent...

AMCTO Attends Red Tape Roundtable
2019-08-28 10:19:21 AM

AMCTO staff were invited to join various Mayors and CAOs from across the Province to participate in Associate Minister Sarkaria’s Roundtable on Red Tape and Burden reduction in the sector during last week's AMO Conference.  As part of this invitation, AMCTO facilitated the...

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