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Federal Infrastructure Funding Details Released
2016-04-26 6:18:10 PM

The federal government has released more details about infrastructure funding previously announced in its budget. Outlined in letters to provincial cabinet ministers, the highlights include: The Federal Public Transit Fund : $1.49 billion will be distributed, based on rid...

Using Tax Increment Financing to Pay for Transit
2016-04-25 1:30:02 PM

A new paper, published recently by the Institute for Municipal Finance and Governance, explores whether tax increment financing (TIF) should be used to help fund large infrastructure projects. Drawing on the Sheppard East subway extension in Toronto, the paper finds that TIF w...

Province Announces Cycling Infrastructure Grant Recipients
2016-04-20 8:31:10 PM

The government has announced the 37 municipalities who received grants under the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program. The program, which allocated a total of $10 million in funding, is being used by municipalities to install or improve on-road cycling lanes, off-r...

RCCAO Calling for a Canadian Infrastructure Bank
2016-03-07 1:54:39 PM

Last month the Residential and Civil Construction Alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) released a report, authored by University of Toronto professor Matti Siemiatycki, calling on the federal government to examine the possibility of creating a Canadian Infrastructure Bank. Key findings...

Premier Announces New Funding at ROMA-OGRA
2016-02-22 8:53:44 PM

Today at the 2016 combined ROMA-OGRA conference, Premier Wynne announced increased funding for two important municipal priorities: The Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund will triple from $100 million to $300 million per year by 2018-19, with $200 million in predictable,...

Advocacy Update: AMCTO Releases Pre-budget Submission
2016-02-01 7:43:22 PM

On Wednesday January 20th AMCTO President Chris Wray presented  the Association’s recommendations for the 2016 Ontario Budget before the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs during its hearings in Thunder Bay. Today, AMCTO is pleased to release its full 2016 Pr...

New Paper on Better Infrastructure Planning
2016-01-21 5:06:16 PM

The Institute for Municipal Finance and Governance (IMFG) at the University of Toronto has released a new paper on better planning for major infrastructure projects. According to the report, every year unexpected cost overruns costs the government hundreds of millions of dolla...

One-third of Municipal Infrastructure at Risk of Rapid Deterioration
2016-01-18 4:21:46 PM

According to the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC) one third of Canadian municipal infrastructure is at risk of rapid deterioration. Average Physical Condition Rating of Canadian Municipal Infrastructure    [caption id="attachment_1045" align="alignnone" width=...

Recommendations for Better Infrastructure Investments
2016-01-15 2:35:18 PM

The CD Howe Institute has released a new report with recommendations for improving how Canada's federal, provincial, and municipal governments invest in infrastructure. Among the findings, CD Howe is recommending that: Municipal governments: Sell electricity distribution ...

Federal Infrastructure Programs May be Delayed by Inadequate Data
2015-12-09 7:29:15 PM

According to briefing documents  leaked to the Canadian Press, the federal government's ambitious plans for investing in infrastructure may be hampered by a lack of data on the state of Canada's roads, bridges, highways, water and sewer systems. The lack of data is likely to ...

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