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Ombudsman's Office Getting New Resources for Bill 8
2015-12-17 2:15:21 PM

The Office of the Ontario Ombudsman is in the midst of a significant expansion of both budget and staff as it prepares for its new oversight responsibilities under Bill 8. The office's staff will grow by 50 people, while the organization's budget will increase by $7.2 million ...

IPC Calling for Access to Councillor's Records
2015-08-27 7:00:23 PM

As part of the municipal legislation review Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner has written to the Minister of Municipal Affairs with a recommendation that amendments be made to MFIPPA that would extend its coverage to municipal councillor’s records. According to th...

New Paper on Transparency, Privacy and the Internet for Municipal Governments:
2015-08-13 5:45:19 PM

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has released a new paper on the need for municipalities to balance the need to protect privacy with the pressures of enhancing transparency in the Internet age. Read the paper here .

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