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BAO Announces New Registrar
2015-11-13 1:09:06 PM

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario has announced the appointment of a new registrar, effective December 14, 2015.

Government Proposing Changes to Accessibility Regulations
2015-11-13 1:08:12 PM

Based on recommendations from the Accessibility Standards Advisory Council/ Standards Development Committee, the government is proposing changes to several accessibility regulations, including the accessibility standards for customer service, exemption from reporting requireme...

First Ministers Meeting to be Held at the End of November
2015-11-13 1:06:02 PM

The Prime Minister has announced that he will hold a first ministers meeting in Ottawa on November 23, the first such gathering to take place since 2009. The specific focus of the meeting will be to discuss climate change and prepare for the COP 21 Conference (United Nations C...

Applications Now Open for Ontario's New Connecting Links Program
2015-11-10 7:40:40 PM

The province is now accepting applications for its new $15 million connecting links program. The funding is designed to help municipalities pay for construction and maintenance of roads that connect rural communities to provincial highways. Find more information here .

Province Extends Youth Jobs Strategy
2015-11-09 7:23:53 PM

The government has announced a $27 million extension of the Ontario Youth Jobs Strategy. The new money will go towards several initiatives including: a youth business accelerator program, a seed fund, and an internship program. Learn more about this program here .

Full List of Canada's New Federal Cabinet
2015-11-04 5:32:54 PM

Justin Trudeau (Quebec) - Prime Minister, Intergovernmental Affairs and Youth. Ralph Goodale (Saskatchewan) - Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Lawrence MacAulay (P.E.I.) - Agriculture and Agri-Food. Stéphane Dion (Quebec) - Foreign Affairs. John McCall...

Canadian Economists Calling for Road Tolls
2015-11-02 8:01:23 PM

The Canadian Ecofiscal Commission, a group of prominent economists, has released a new report encouraging the government to introduce tolls onto provincial highways in the Toronto area.

Toronto Star Editorial Argues for Expansion of Land Transfer Tax
2015-11-02 7:59:43 PM

In a new editorial the Toronto Star argues that, as part of the Municipal Act consultation, the government of Ontario should consider giving all municipalities the ability to impose a tax on real estate transactions.  Currently only the City of Toronto holds such power.

RELEASE: AMCTO Municipal Act Submission
2015-11-02 7:56:42 PM

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing launched its Municipal Legislation Review which included a review of Ontario’s municipal legislative framework: the Municipal Act, the City of Toronto Act, and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. AMCTO is pleased to add its voic...

Municipalities Paying for Provincial Highway Services
2015-10-26 3:56:59 PM

Recently, several smaller Southwestern municipalities are calling on the Province to scrap a longtime practice for which it doesn’t pay for fire calls to provincial highways that turn out to be false alarms or so-called “no-service” calls.   This issue is proving costly for ...

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