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Federal Government Commits to Update Rail Crossings
2016-04-27 7:19:43 PM

The federal government has pledged $10.9 million to update and fix more than 400 railway crossings across Canada. The new funding will complement $143 million in funding that was announced as part of the 2016 federal budget. The new funding will go towards flashing lights and ...

Changes to Wine and Cider Sales at Farmers' Markets
2016-04-26 6:47:36 PM

The government recently passed Ontario Regulation 720 (under the Liquor Licence Act), which carries implications for the sale of wine and cider at farmers markets. For more information on this change: Changes Regarding Wine and Cider Sales at Farmers' Markets

How Should Cities Pay for Stormwater Infrastructure?
2016-04-26 6:40:02 PM

A new paper, released today by the Institute of Municipal Finance and Governance, discusses the different ways that municipalities can pay for stormwater infrastructure, drawing on the City of Mississauga's new Stormwater Management Financing Program as a case study. According...

Federal Infrastructure Funding Details Released
2016-04-26 6:18:10 PM

The federal government has released more details about infrastructure funding previously announced in its budget. Outlined in letters to provincial cabinet ministers, the highlights include: The Federal Public Transit Fund : $1.49 billion will be distributed, based on rid...

Using Tax Increment Financing to Pay for Transit
2016-04-25 1:30:02 PM

A new paper, published recently by the Institute for Municipal Finance and Governance, explores whether tax increment financing (TIF) should be used to help fund large infrastructure projects. Drawing on the Sheppard East subway extension in Toronto, the paper finds that TIF w...

Province Announces Cycling Infrastructure Grant Recipients
2016-04-20 8:31:10 PM

The government has announced the 37 municipalities who received grants under the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program. The program, which allocated a total of $10 million in funding, is being used by municipalities to install or improve on-road cycling lanes, off-r...

MEA Modernization Act Passes Second Reading
2016-04-19 4:45:09 PM

Bill 181, the  Municipal Elections Modernization Act,  passed second reading today and was referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs. More information on committee hearings can be found  here . For more: Bill 181,  Municipal Elections Modernization ...

Ontario Proposing Changes to Allow Ride-sharing Insurance
2016-04-19 1:51:56 PM

The government of Ontario is set to authorize reforms to the insurance system that would allow ride-sharing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, to qualify for the same fleet insurance that is available to taxi and limousine companies. Currently the only insurance available for r...

Government Releases LTAHS Technical Document
2016-04-19 1:03:12 PM

The government has released a technical document as part of its Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update. The document is designed to help affordable housing practitioners working within the current housing sector better understand the direction that the province is taking...

Government Proposes Ban on Corporate and Union Donations
2016-04-12 1:24:54 PM

After weeks of controversy surrounding political fundraising at the provincial level, the government of Ontario is proposing new rules that would completely ban corporate and union donations, starting in 2017. Specific provisions of the government's legislation include: Ru...

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