Advocacy & Policy

For over 80 years, AMCTO has been the voice for local government professionals in their interactions with government on joint matters of public policy.

Advocacy & Policy Development

At AMCTO, we analyze local government’s pressing policy issues from a practitioner perspective. We advocate for solutions that inform effective implementation of public policy and support strong professional management in our local communities.

Utilizing an evidence-based approach, AMCTO garners respect from government decision-makers through meaingful and constructive engagement.  

Building our Agenda

WIth an active membership, AMCTO evaluates policy impacting the operations of Ontario's municipal organizations.  Staff review wide ranging issues that are then discussed and evaluated at AMCTO's Legislative and Policy Advisory Committee.  The committee then assists the association's policy analysis in advance of formal recommendations to the AMCTO Board of Directors.  

To learn more about how to get involved, visit our Volunteer Opportunities.

Government Relations at AMCTO

Government relations at AMCTO is conducted value add orientation. Efforts to establish meaningful relationships in government with professional staff and political representatives allows the association to positively affect public policy outcomes for those managing in Ontario’s local governments.  

In early 2018, AMCTO will engage with members and embark on development of a new government relations plan that reflects the progress to date and explores avenues for further advancing our influence the voice of local government professionals to senior orders of government. 

To view AMCTO priorities, please see our 2020 Pre-Budget Submission