Prestige Award


Prestige Award

The Prestige Award is presented to an AMCTO member, past or present, who has been nominated by his or her peers. This award recognizes the individual’s commitment to the ideals of the Association and the contribution made to both the Association and the profession.

Since its inception, AMCTO has been dedicated to excellence in the broad fields of municipal administration, management and leadership. It is this dedication that has allowed AMCTO to become recognized for the high standards of service and program delivery that our members enjoy today. And it is this same dedication that has resulted in AMCTO’s emergence as the leading municipal professional association in Canada.

AMCTO’s real strength has arisen as a result of the experience and expertise of our current and past members, who are the 'municipal experts'. During their professional careers, many of these individuals have demonstrated not only a commitment to the goals and objectives of the Association but also to the advancement of the municipal profession and the well-being of their own communities.

The Prestige Award has been established to recognize the contributions of one such individual each year and to acknowledge, in a meaningful way, that the Association, the municipal profession and their community have all benefited from their contributions.​


Application & Evaluation Criteria

Each year, the Awards Committee will receive nominations submitted by current AMCTO members and consider a list of potential recipients. To qualify for consideration, nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must currently be, or have been, a member in good standing of the Association for at least ten (10) years.

  • Must be nominated by at least three (3) members in good standing with the Association.

  • Must not have served on the AMCTO Board of Directors within the previous five (5) years.

When selecting the Prestige Award recipient, in addition to determining that the nominees 
have met the eligibility requirements, the Awards Committee will assess the following factors:

  • The individual’s demonstrated commitment to fostering and sustaining municipal excellence through their contributions to the Association and the municipal profession.

  • The individual’s contribution to the training and education of municipal professionals and/or the development and implementation of sound policies and legislation that affect the delivery of municipal programs and services.

  • The individual’s commitment to (and involvement in) their home community on a volunteer basis.

A completed nomination form, accompanied by any additional background information concerning the individual’s Association, profession or community involvement that the nominators believe would assist the Committee in their assessment must be submitted electronically. Late submissions may not be considered. ​

Prestige Award Presentation

The successful recipient of the Prestige Award will be notified and invited to attend the awards presentation held in conjunction with the Association’s annual conference. Further details about this year’s awards presentations will also be sent to members via e-mail. The nominator(s) and/or recipient of the Prestige Award will be contacted in advance of the Association’s annual conference where they will be provided further details about the awards presentation and any subsequent materials needed (i.e. approved description and photos). A profile of the recipient may also be included in one or more of the following AMCTO communications: 

• The Association’s publication – AMCTO Municipal Monitor magazine;
• Association e-mail expresses;
• An AMCTO press release.


For more information or questions about submission criteria, the selection process or awards 
presentations, please contact