E.A. Danby Award


Recognizing Outstanding Performance & Innovative Practices

The late E.A. Danby was AMCTO’s inaugural President. Mr. Danby demonstrated his vision and innovative spirit when he set out to establish AMCTO over 75 years ago. The E.A. Danby Award recognizes that same spirit of vision, and innovation for Ontario municipalities.

The award is presented annually to one or more municipalities that demonstrate an initiative or a willingness to explore innovative techniques that produce tangible results related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the municipal corporation.

The E.A. Danby Award is a tiered awards program based on size of municipality. Awards are granted to municipalities with populations less than 20,000 and those with larger populations. The E.A. Danby Award focuses on initiatives that fall within the broad categories of finance, administration and implementation of legislation.

The Award

Receiving an E.A. Danby Award provides municipalities with opportunities to:

  • Be recognized and acknowledged for their commitment to performance improvement;
  • Enhance their image as an attractive community in which to live and work;
  • Demonstrate to their residents the valuable work that is being done on their behalf; and
  • Share their innovative ideas to benefit the entire municipal sector in Ontario.


Application & Evaluation Criteria

Applications may be submitted by any Ontario municipality wishing to be recognized for its use of innovative approaches in the delivery of municipal programs and services. The term 'innovation' is interpreted broadly to include any new or creative approach affecting the delivery of municipal programs and services and could include:

  • The introduction of innovative revenue enhancement programs or cost savings programs;
  • Innovative customer service or citizen outreach programs;
  • Innovative methods to improve the delivery of a particular service to the community or to a 
  • particular segment of the community;
  • Innovative collaborations with other municipal departments, municipalities or government 
  • agencies to deliver services more efficiently or effectively.

Application Parameters

In preparing an application, a municipality should ensure that the submission adheres to the following parameters:

  • Only one application may be made for each project, program or service to be considered. However, municipalities may make separate submissions for more than one project, program or service within a given year.
  • Projects, programs or services identified must have been predominantly implemented prior to the application deadline.
  • Applications submitted must be able to demonstrate a tangible and measurable benefit to the municipality and/or its residents.
  • Applications are to be submitted electronically to the Association by no later than the stated deadline date each year. Late submissions may not be considered.

Evaluation of Applications

All applications received by the Association will be reviewed and evaluated by the AMCTO Awards Committee. The Awards Committee will assign each application received to one of the three broad award categories. During the review and evaluation process, the Awards Committee will consider:
  • The extent to which the application identifies innovative features;
  • The degree of improvement to the delivery of municipal programs or services;
  • The demonstrated tangible benefits to the municipality and/or its residents;
  • The potential for the innovation to be applied to other municipalities.
Upon completion of the review and evaluation process, the Awards Committee may:
  • Identify one municipality within each tier and category to be awarded an E.A. Danby Award;
  • Identify one or more municipalities within each tier and category which should be awarded an Award of Merit for their application.
  • The Awards Committee may, in any given year, choose not to award the E.A. Danby Award and/or Awards of Merit within any specific category or tier.

Presentation of Awards

The successful recipients of the E.A. Danby Award will be notified and invited to attend the awards presentation held in conjunction with the Association’s annual conference. Further details about this year’s awards presentations will also be sent to members via email. Recipients of the E.A. Danby Award will be contacted in advance of the conference where they will be provided further details about the awards presentation and any subsequent materials needed (i.e. approved description and photos). A profile of the municipality and the specific project, program or service may also be included in one or more of the following AMCTO communications: 

  • The Association’s publication – AMCTO Municipal Monitor magazine;
  • Association e-mail expresses;
  • An AMCTO press release.


For more information or questions about submission criteria, the selection process or awards presentations, please contact